"[Our last scene together] was very emotional. We did it pretty quickly. Jessica had been gone since Christmas break. It was her first day back at work and we shot that scene. It was hard. I’ve known Jessica—we did The Glass Menagerie on Broadway together in 2005—so I’ve known her for a long time and worked with her now more than anyone, maybe save for Amanda Peet who I’ve done a movie with and two TV series with. Jessica is a good friend of mine and to see her in that makeup was actually very upsetting for me. I obviously care about her very much and to see her looking that ill and that at the brink of death, and then to have her die in my arms, it wasn’t hard to be emotional about it. It was very helpful in the acting of it to be looking at her like that. I didn’t have to imagine what it would be like for her to be gone and all the complicated feelings—it was all right there. " -Sarah Paulson

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